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01 February 2005



Thanks for the comment on my site. I wish my country could take credit for Freaks & Geeks but I am Canadian and the best we have been able to do is Kids in the Hall (which was good, but that was a long time ago.)


Between you and Gump today, I've been laughing for like five minutes straight. That was great Phil. If I were the security guard, I would have been a smart ass and started bowing to you. As it is, you probably just got a really weird look with his hand on his gun. Hmm.. I wonder if they're hiring for apartment security guards around here... heh. :)


hehe, that made me laugh.
at uni my boyfriends friend had to drive past the security gaurd on his way to tesco, so every time, my boyfriend would shout 'i love you!' and my boyfriends friend would do his best to drive as fast as possible to avoid embaressment.

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