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22 March 2005



1) Often its the only chance to discuss something without you males hearing, such as who just pulled who, what it was like etc etc. And in my case, I often go with someone else cos I can never find my way back properly! Perhaps the better question to ask is why dont you men go together? Obviously you men would probably feel uncomfortable, but us girls have no such restrictions, so why not go together, in our case?

2) Not with me it doesnt. The bar tab is paid according to quote a few things, and gender is never one of them. Wayne will pay if it something to do with him that we are celebrating (such as new job, promotion, pay rise) I will pay if its his birthday, and after that its a case of who has more money at the time. If we're both strapped for cash, we pay our own. Simple!

3)Haha, Wayne practically invited me to use his razor, but that was back in the day when womens razors (in this country at least) sucked. Theres no excuse now. Perhaps some women go for that 'whats yours is mine' philosophy?

4) Uh, I wish I understood why too. It seems to me some people are born knowing never to bother with the bad boy, and for some people it can be a very long painful learning process. I sometimes think us women are just longing to unleash our inner bad girl and we think thats the way to do it. Of course, its never as simple as that.

5)You've been hanging with the wrong kind of girl! I have a friend like that. Her boyfriend (of 5 years) let slip that he was going through a rough patch where depression was concerned. Gemma quizzed him and found out this wasnt the first time, that he'd been to the doctor and the doc had basically told him he was clinically depressed. Upon hearing this, Gemma launched into a 'I have enough to cope with!' speech and they split up!! Funny thing is, she really doesnt... But in fairness, I dont know one other girl like that.

6) Thats all about strategy. To me, (if I had a lawn) then gardening would count as housework. So again, wrong kind of girl. I do more housework anyway, because Wayne goes to work all day and I'm slightly lesser degrees of busy.

7) Ewwwwwww!!!

8) Because theres a certain milky liquid that just wouldnt be there otherwise.

9)I'd quite happily own up to it. When you've been living with someone for nearly 6 years, well, there comes a point where you have to be comfortable with each other.

10) Its a pathetic attempt at making somewhere smell nicer and look pretty at the same time. I use plug in air freshners :)


*lmao* classic. Just classic.


1.) Well, if it's at a bar, it's for protection. There's safety in numbers and all that jazz. Anywhere else, it really is because we want to talk (probably about you) without ya'll knowing it.

2.) I don't know about that one. I feel uncomfortable when a guy pays for everything, I think dutch is usually the best way to go; especially if you're just casually dating.

3.) I've lived with my dad and my brother for years and not once do I ever recall using their razor. We women have wonderful options now instead of those ugly, easily breakable, pieces of crap plastic razors. I think the only time I would use theirs would be in an absolute emergency situation only.

4.) Not all women fall for the sterotypical "bad boy" - but there are those women out there. I think it's because they represent the epitomy of a challenge. Deep down, we know they won't change but just "what if" they do? We would be the one woman that has done something no woman has ever done before. But I digress. I want a nice guy who can keep me challenged but also feel secure and treat me like a woman - lady in the street... not so lady-like in the bedroom.

5.) I don't know anyone that has done that and if someone has, it's pretty fucked up. A guy that shares his feelings 110% does take away a little bit of they mystery because the girl no longer has to guess or try and figure out anything. The puzzle has solved itself so to speak. But we don't want you to be so tight-lipped that we have no idea what you think or how you feel about ANYTHING. It's a balancing act.

6.) Are you kidding me? I love mowing the lawn. It's a manual labor type of chore that is oddly relaxing and you can definitely see a finished product. I enjoy cleaning (for the most part) but I hate doing dishes. I would mow the lawn over washing dishes any day!

7.) Gross! No, it does not. It means you need to get some monistat and/or see a doctor! It's caused from a variety of things which include: condoms, diet, hormonal fluctuations, sexual transmission, injury, anti-biotics, etc.

8.) Guilty. I thought they couldn't because when you have an orgasm your hard-on goes away and well, that would be pretty difficult to hide or not, no? Naive, I know.

9.) Call it that double standard thing I guess. It's not "acceptable" for girls to fart if you're a lady and classy and all of that. From boys, it's just expected.

10.) We have a penchant for things that smell nice. Potpourri, scented candles, perfume, you name it.

Good questions, Phil! :)


Ok, so I don't have time to answer all of these...but they crack me up. I wish I understood the "bad boy" thing myself. Maybe it's not so much the "bad" boys I like (or shall I say, men) but the "naughty" ones. **evil grin**



1. Well, we all know why I do this. ha hahah.

2. I'm an equal opportunity chick. I pay half, he pays half. As well as on dates. And it looks like almost all of the other chicas are the same. I only let the guy if he insists.

3. I've never used a guys razor. not gentle enough

4. Oh man this one is ME all the way. If I could answer this maybe I'd stop doing it.

5. well if the guy is more than a girl than me hes gone. Which its pretty easy to be. All he has to do is want to cuddle after sex, share emotions, or cry.

6. What about the trash? One more I refuse to do.

7. No but it CAN be a sign of an affair. Guys can get it and pass it on to women. True story.

8. This is a new one on me. Can they be??

9. I always fess up.

Good entry Phil.


The truth
1)Because we feel like it
2)Because we can get away with it
3)we dont care if you notice
4)Because its fun to bitch
5)Because we only want you to share your emotions when we ask. at all other times shut the hell up.
6)because we can
7)does anyone over the age of 10 think that?
8)Actually we dont care if you fake it. As long as we get off
9)Because we know that men dont have to fart to stink so chances are any foul odor is coming from a man. Even if it is the woman we can throw blame...because.we.can.


Raise the room Kels. Also I don't understand why women think that female sports should be just as exciting as male sports.

We're better! (oh god I hope someone reads this)


Gump, you ass, dont you know anything? Girls that think female sports should be just as exciting as male sports are all girls who wish they had a penis.


1. Because then men won't approach us as we're on our way to the potty - and once we get there, we have some one to hold the door if the lock is broken.

2. Are you kidding me? My last two "first dates" I ended up paying for EVERYTHING. And not my choice either. So I'd have to throw that question right back at men.

3. I've never thought he wouldn't notice. ; )

4. ~turns into Dr. Phil~ Women date men who are like their father. If their father was dark and mysterious and never around or ignored them they try to win the love of a man who they later see as being the same as good ole dad (not consciously of course) My dad was horrible to me when I was growing up. I had dates with nice guys in the past and always found them boring. I married a nice guy with a little darkness/mystery to him. After we got married the mystery came out: he was a drunken violent ASS. The "nice guy" was all an act. Still trying to get rid of him but I no longer find nice guys boring.

5. I don't think a guy is a wimp if he shares his feelings. Now if he cries more than I do that's another story....

6. Hmmm let's see.... housework = DAILY
Cleaning up after YOU and yours DAILY.It never ends with laundry and dishes. Once a week you men fra la la outside and do a PLEASURABLE relaxing job OUTSIDE called mowing the lawn and think your work week is done. Sorry buddy. I'll trade with you. You do all the housework and I'll do all your "chores" Deal?

7. Yes

8. Who cares? I fake, you fake, we all fake together. It's like a play act in bed. WEEEE!

9. I blame it on the barking spiders. I've never blamed it on another human being so there!

10. Potpourri is to cover up the stink of the one we love.


How do men fake orgasms? I am confused.

"It's tricky but entirely possible Muffy but the man has to pretend he has ants in his pantz to get the full effect"

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