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20 June 2005



I hate g-strings and if I can, I will manage to get out of wearing one but ocassionally I have to suffer when wearing a particular pair of jeans of mine which fit a little too snuggly around the arse and going without some form of underwear just feels completely weird. I think alot of women do wearing them though because other women notice if you are wearing regular panties with tight fitting clothing and it's just not done. And as for men not noticing that is complete bull crap because it was my boyfriend who point it out to me about the whole panty line when I wore those jeans. *L*


*LOL* Those jeans must of been tight. Lucky you didn't cut off the blood supply to your legs!


i think there is a whole panty debate here, i mean, when u go into a store just look at the womens panties, there are high leg, bikini, g-string, thong, shorts and numerous other kinds which, as a woman, leave me standing with an over whelming, "huh"

I have at least one pair of all of the above and wear them with what i call my "outfits" (clothes that are put together with specific occasions in mind ie pub, club, work, which are all put together from panties to earring) and yes, im a bit anal about it all (pardon the pun) if anyone has a panty rule book, it would be much appreciated.


Hmm, I don't understand what all the fuss is about I guess. You can have sexy panties that are STILL comfortable. Who cares? I go for more of... well, anything except "The Thong." Those things are SO uncomfortable... and really, what is the point in wearing a thong anyway? They don't cover anything, they are not REALLY underwear. In fact, they are just butt floss. Which is just soo wrong and nasty...

Thanks but I'll stick to my own style!

(Great topic Phil :)


Honestly I'll admit I wear sexy undies for the guy's benefit. When I'm single I"m all about boy boxer briefs.


Phillyo, Phillyo. Like most things, Women wear underwear for themselves (well, some quasi-empowered ones) and this, peversely, seems to indirectly result in wearing it for blokes i.e, want to feel sexy = wear sexy underwear = feel sexy for blokes (or gals, if the lesbian thing applies). I don't buy the "its more comfortable" argument - they aren't (and nor are those corset thingies that seem to be equally as erotic for some people) - but DEFINITELY are good props.


I would never wear a g-string. Too uncomfortable. Much rather go commando. Yee-haw!


....did you call him Phillyo?


I don't really like g-strings/thongs. I must be this weird guy (I'm being rhetorical.. I actually doubt I'm the only one) who actually gets a bit turned on when I see a woman with a fine backside and I can see the lines of her panties that curve so gracefully. I admit it, I like it. I don't know why women ever gave it up. Can we be honest here? Nobody is talking about the sanitary issue. I truly doubt women don't sweat and don't get bacteria and all messy stuff down there from time to time. It happens to everyone. How the heck can g-strings protect you from any of that? I say to anybody who feels that self-empowerment=sexy. Hogwash. If you want to feel sexy, this has EVERYTHING to do with what OTHERS think of you. Therefore, if you "just want to feel sexy", then you are doing it for others. "Sexy" = "sexually attractive" = "attraction of others". Have we become so self-absorbed that we forget we're doing it because of everyone else??? I've told girlfriends in the past that the thong/g-string is not a big deal for me. It's interesting how quickly they start migrating back to normal underwear.


I wear sexy lingerie because it makes ME feel sexy...thats the only reason really.

And I guess when I do wear a G-string its because I personally think its a little embarrasing when you can see the lines on your butt cheeks from your granny undies lol.

but all in all....I just buy the ones that are pretty and cute and make me feel a bit daring - thats sexy to me.


= in response to JCE=

I think you have the wrong idea hun...

Feeling sexy has got NOTHING to do with wanting to impress another person.

I dont have a bf, and I'm saving sex for marraige....so who would I wear sexy lingerie for? myself!

I love wearing a beautiful, laced, hot red panties with a matching bra and garter belt + black stockings + stilletos underneath my clothing.... oooooo makes me just feel SEXY!!!
I dont care what OTHER PEOPLE think because they cant see it....but myself on the other hand....I LOVE IT!!

so tongues out to you JCE.

theres nothing wrong with a woman feeling beautiful, comfy...and still DAMN SEXY!!

"Have we become so self-absorbed that we forget we're doing it because of everyone else??? I've told girlfriends in the past that the thong/g-string is not a big deal for me. It's interesting how quickly they start migrating back to normal underwear."

btw this is coming from a MALE!?

haha go back to your cave!
they probably go back because theres nothing much to impress....


lol well i personally think im sexier in undies that aren't thongs/gstrings.

they make your butt look HUGE, then im not feeling confident, and thats BAD for sex.

so i go with something i think i look sexy in, and then the dude doesn't even care, he just wants it off.

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