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30 August 2005



Could I just give you a standing ovation?!!!


I... I... dude. Woah.

(I had a bopyfriend who ditched me on Valentine's Day after I'd taken him and the friend he invited along on the way out the door to dinner, because "It's Wedesday, and the game is always on Wednesday. They're counting on me." That didn't last much longer.)

I can't think of anything to add, but I love your rule of thumb for when to open a door. *grin*


How to say this Phil...how. You're wrong?

I mean...in most cases you're SO right. These are the things that make girls all warm and fuzzy on the inside. And to an extent I do agree with some of what you say.

But I love to cook (chef's grade, thankyouverymuch -- for proof I will mail you my cookies, you'll die), I love to clean (Clorox Cleanup is god), I love wild monkey sex always, I never get tired of going down on a guy, I understand if you need your own time with the guys (don't forget I need my own time for you to get the fuck out of my face).

Oh and whenever I start a relationship I make one comment: 'get me flowers, chocolate, candy, jewelery, or anything remotely like that and I'll have your balls in a vice grip.' You break that rule and you're seriously screwed as far as I'm concerned. (Though, side note: I am the only female I've EVER met who honestly feels this way). Sweep me off my feet on that day in February and your ass is grass.

It's a sweet thought, Phil, and gentlemen who are reading: pay heed to what the great man says, but also remember that we are individuals.

And some of us love action flicks (Terminator2 for life!)


If it feels like mastubation then it's probably because you've been treating her like your hand.<<< I dont think youre wrong at all Phil. Doing all of those things or acting that way just comes from thinking of the other persons happiness and using your brain (notice i didnt say head) enough to be respectful. Even if the girl likes to clean, cook, or drop to her knees constantly, kindness and thoughfulness in return should always be displayed.

As much as it means to me to be strong, independant girl, having someone just take care of me or do something sweet for me once in a while means just as much.


somehow my comment after your quote disappeared.

I said best fucking quote ever.


A couple of years ago my last "love interest" gave me a gift certificate for an OIL CHANGE on Valentine's Day. Was I angry? Ummm, you might say that. I ranted and raved all the way home in my car alone and then shredded the gift certificate into about a million pieces. I was going to make a mosaic for him saying "fuck you" but I didn't think it was worth the effort.


Love this entry phil, have to say i agree with pretty much everything, and now i have a man of experience i have to say that he seems to have learnt the same lessons as you over time and is definately puttin these lessons into practice.

Love the quote about sex btw, if it feels like masterbation you are treating her like your hand. LMAO

Helen xx


lauren, I hate the "usual gifts" as well. Especially roses. Does that make sense?? to me it does. If the guy is too fucking lazy to find out what flowers I actually DO like then fuck him.

Mark Vane

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