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29 November 2005



awwww, I wanna ride the airport buggy too!


Thanks for sharing the photos, Phil! They're great - I love your updates that have pictures in them! :) And the buggie/horn thing cracked me up!


Of course, now I want an ox. To go with my camel. Did I tell you I bought a camel?


I don't trust those devil cows. I am glad you like my place Phil. Its very nice, i think.


Wow, you're using words like 'warung' now. Even I don't use words like 'warung'. Granted, there are no warungs here in Sing for me to speak of, but, you know, it's Indonesian/Malay. And I'm Malay, but you're not, yet you're using words like 'warung'...Okay, rambling now. But it's still so...impressive. Or something. What did you have at the warung?

No worries bout the email, Phil. As and when you're free. And thanks again for taking the time to meet us. And for lunch! I'm not sure if you were already in the plane when I text messaged you on Sunday about 6:30pm. Did you get it?


That ox is up to no good.


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