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14 July 2006



who is this woman you love?! Maybe you can try brut33, because I hear that's a stunner on chinese tattoo/soya latte girls.


that was well written.

did it remind anyone else of david?! what?!

who is this girl?! fess up. or is it no girl and every girl at once type of thing?


Mez/Betty: I wondered if people would confuse the character with me. That's why I titled it I Hate - A Short Story. Of course it's made up! It's an attempted riff on the characters own self hatred. Not so successful..... reading again this morning I think it would better work if I made all the girl's attributes, that he hates not as specific and more easily applicable to himself as well. The dangers of posting the first draft.

Loved it.
I too hate.
Hate that i can't stop thinking of him.
Hate his humour and wit.
Hate his handsome face and gorgeous smile.



Ok, that was me. Steph. D'oh!


Don't be too hard on yourself Phil, it had me intrigued


*totally with rowena on that*


Well, once I realized you weren't talking about me (phew!), I did an interesting experiment, Philip. I inserted the word "love" into every place the word "hate" was and you know what? It made total sense that way too. Almost like a love letter.


That was amazing. very powerful

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