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21 July 2006



That was without doubt, the best read I've had in a long while.
Awesome story. :)


oh phil, you are brilliant! :) I loved reading that.

(also love "burning up" ha)


Damn. I wish I could describe heartfelt longing as well as you, instead of my one-note silliness. Bravo, man! And thanks for the note at my place - I'm flattered :)


Thanks for the comment, without it I would never have gotten to read this.


I think I'm a little in love with Bobby.


That was fantastic, Flip. Aces.


Thanks Steph, I going to try and write some type of short story everyweek. It keeps me out of bars or chasing bad women.

Mez, you can claim credit for the burning up lyrics. After your post on iPod playlists I made a new 80s mix and was listening to it while writing.

DangerS: nobody threads a joke throughout a story like you do in your post. Your comedy gold mate.

I've been reading your journal for a while Writegirl from a link at cafrines. Glad you're on the ups!

Kel, my dear friend of all things weird and mythological - do you want to read more? I've worked out how this story ends.(not sure of the middle yet but Tom/Bobby needs to get the more shit kicked out of him before a resolution and maybe a few jokes about relationships)


Wow, Phil. That was brilliance.


That was excellent. I wasn't sure what to expect (not that I was thinking it would be bad) and I certainly was not disappointed. you crafted that so well. loved it.


you captured the longing of a lost love really well.


Phil - I loved it! Thank you.


Ooooooh. Also -- this sounds like a fantastic idea, short story a week? We might just have to start a club (I mean I can't write worth a shit but my life is always movie moments).


Phil, Check out this site and click on 'How To Play':


(Sorry, I'm being slack with HTML today).


Nicely written Phil. I love your poetic description and your use of lyrics interspersed with the story. Very creative! Makes me want to finish up the next chapter of Greektown Butcher.


Thanks ya'll. I've got the next part worked out and finish it in a week or so.

Imelda:- interesting link. Ta!

AL: Yes your GB story has to continue!


I can't really say much because everyone else has said it, I guess that's what happens when you come in late..nice story :)

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