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18 August 2006



You're so bloody clever, darling! I'm sitting here shaking my head with gobsmacked admiration. (And I'm also thinking, well, at least he didn't fuck ya sheep. [That we know of.] What's the appropriate Jesuitical punishment for that, d'you think?) Love, R xxx


you really should be doing this professionally you know.




I love Short Story Friday with you, Phil. Always entertaining.


What Mez said. YOU Sir, are a writer.
Loved it.


Phil! That was incredible!!

My mom called me halfway through it while I was sitting here at work reading and I got irritated with her for interrupting my reading of your story!

I have to "third" what Steph and Mez both said. You ARE a writer at heart.

Very well done, Phil. I hope to see more coming out!

By the way, are you ever going to respond to my email? lol


I love your stories.


You have a way with dialogue Philsy, maybe you should write screenplays and become an insuffrable Hollywood type.


I know I've already commented, but I just have to pronounce my love for the mini-superman (Starman?) up in the corner. Is there a story there, Phil?


Hiss - I can tell you've spent some time in country pubs!

Mez - Thanks M.

Caf - The image comes from a cool birthday card I got.

Steph - but your stories are non-fiction. Which makes me hope you have private health.

Amb - If only I could write as fast as you.

Kel - I hope you get some time to write. Remember your story about the train tracks. That was great!

Awitty - I can only dream..... Namoi Watts...


lol - very cute phil! :)


Brilliant! I think that would make a great premise for a novel. A priest-turned-cop in smalltown anywhere. Call it Pious Justice, or Maddock P.I. (Pious Investigator), or Padre Heat.


I loved the first sentence and what you did with it!


Phil, that was great. You have a real flair for this writing malarkey.

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