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27 August 2006



I really shouldn't read your posts while drinking or eating anything. Wayy too dangerous :D

One thing though: I thought all Queenslanders had permanent blonde moments (until you take off the undies). Hahaha, woo.


Poor Pluto. It must be feeling so rejected. i'm gonna send it an Ecard.


Personally, I'm not entirely convinced that Dr Flegg's "senior adviser" (which for some reason makes me think of Sir Les Patterson's beloved "ceiling inspectors") - who reportedly fled Bruceybaby's office in tears after his cursedly vile and heinously execrable comment supposedly offended her - is even a real blonde. The people of Queensland need, and indeed deserve, incontrovertible proof, I say. Love, R xxx


Can you believe how bored someone must be the spearhead the downgrading of a planet? I'm glad they didn't kick out Uranus though. I mean what other planet has so many opportunities for one-liners?


Mez; You're just jealous of our sun drenched golden locks!

Steph; Send the ecard to pluto@lonelyplanet.com

Hiss;You are a genius. The Great Election Dak Off. I wonder what Channel Nine would use for the worm.

Awitty; It was too irresistable not to touch Uranus. The joke I mean. Honest.


Ha Ha. Your entries never cease to cheer me up and make me laugh my ass off. Your latest entry should be a weekly event :)


LOL! You could be a writer for The Daily Show!


Ok- you have to do this every week. Forever.

It was just that hilarious!


That was great, Flip. I love the snow white statement, hahahahaha



Ow, my kidneys.

That was great Phil. Can we have The Week That Was every week? Please?


Thanks y'all for the comments.

The Week That Was will be a regular posting.


Now I have an issue with spelling, and it comes from my early childhood when I was fluent in the language de la belle France.

A male is blond. A female is blonde. Note the additional e, to feminise the word. All words in French have a gender, hence the words le, and la - both mean the, but one applies to a male object (le) while the other to a female object (la).

I know the language we are using is English, but that words such as blond and blonde originally came from French. So, the original spelling rules including the gender peculiarities should still remain.

(Don't get me started on agenda, agendum; octopus, octopi; and the like...)

So, if Mr Flegg was having a "blonde" moment - he should be pilloried for making a sexist comment, in that he associates his ineptitude with women with blonde hair.

If on the other hand he was having a blond moment - err, the guy has fair hair - then he should be just smacked for a) stating the obvious, and b) resorting to the lowest common denominator in describing a mistake. Why not just come out and say, "Ya know, I just fucked up."


Nick should of known you were fond of pungent cheeses! Thanks I learn something new everyday. I've always spelt blonde.... blonde.

My distant French ancestors will be so embarassed. Mon deiu!

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