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07 October 2006



HAHAHA that just cracked me up. Bush cant like jack, that would mean he has a smidge of a redeeming quality!


Isn't it truly all about what Condy Rice is wearing, really????


Meanwhile following the final in Melbourne, calls ring out to reinstate plans for The Brisbane Line.


Was this before or after Rice bothered to show up??

This post is awarded an official "Atta boy!" :)



re: show us yer tits = support for man boobs

I guess "show us your hestia soft cup underwire with reinforced straps I'm in the market for one" doesn't quite have the same ring does it?


Kels - Which would make Cheney, Chloe with the frown.

Witty - I'm kicking myself for forgetting the obvious joke. "Desert camoflage is the new black".

Sarah - Thank you Sar.

Mez - or "Prescribe if you will to my studlyness of demeanor and speech. The attraction for me, is strong in you. Forsooth do not deny thyself! "


Do you believe the Mayor of the Goldy had a fit about the "stereotyping" of the gold lame outfits those dancers wore at the grand final?

This is the same city that has meter maids in swimsuits walking the streets.


Very amusing, Phil!

Thanks for the laugh - I so needed that today!


"The opposition party in parliament castigated the Prime Minister and said he should be supporting free speech and to please shut up."

Everyone's entitled to my opinion.

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