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07 November 2006



ahahahaha (personally I always thought B1 was the nazi)

What the hell is the ABC playing at by showing BANANAS in this day and age anyway? Talk about showing people things they can't have! Let's keep it real!

Kitten Rex

All of the intelligent conversation was going on with the Zucchinis in Bikinis.


How's the packing coming along?


I watch Question Time when i want to see infantile programming.
Bananas In Pyjamas are high brow by comparison.


Mez - I've heard about the cost of bananas in Oz. B1&B2 are now worth more than oil!

Rex - What about Kittens in Coats?

Sarah - hahahahahaha. Don't be mean.

Steph - The only aspect of P. Keating I miss is his question time performance. The man knows how to deliver a cutting line.

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