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14 December 2006



Came in via CB's! Say, I click play and hear nothing.... or is that Faking IT on purpose!?




Fitena - Damn I wasn't smart enough to think of that joke. Thanks for the comment, I had coding issues that are now resolved. :)


Brilliant!!! Bravo Phil!

What a stellar job you've done with it! I love it!!! You have read it EXACTLY the same way I would have, with the right inflection and playful tone. I'm very touched, maybe "touched" is not the right word here... but I am simply in awe! Thank you :)

I hope you don't mind if I link my Faking post here. Thank you again :).


I love your voice Phil, you do spoken word beautifully. And I get a kick out of you saying boobies a lot.


lol! I actually never read this post efore you mentioned it! Thanks and I love the voice! You sound like you have a good sens of humour! Funny the things we can make out about people hearing their voices!



Please be a teacher, you read so beautifully!!!

You have a charming voice :D


Phil and CB, great post by both of you! I was particularly amused by it being read by a male.


CB - It's such a playful post you wrote that made it so easy to do. Good writing is like that. Link away, I'm honoured!

Mez - hee, that's why I chose it. boobies.

Fitena - It's funny how when you hear your own voice it sounds alien. Just going off your name I'm imagining a lyrical accent with lots of hand gestures!

Jen - After yearrrrrs of speech lessons, my parent's bank balance thanks you.

Peef - Yeah CB wrote a great post and if I don't hit the gym soon I will develop man boobs so it seemed appropriate.


I've never heard Toastmaster's skills put to better use ;)

I agree, I don't know if it's the Aussie accent or your voice, but every time I heard "boobie" I fell over giggling.


I had a little trouble hearing you, until I actually put my ear up to the speakers. But as always, charmed by your Australian accent. Woof!

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