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25 March 2007



Bahahaha! That could be a little awkward and get-togethers!


haha someone needs to date the cop who caught him!


Oh! Good idea, Mez!

Pick me, pick me! :)

Miss Frou Frou

Is that the equivalent of "it's just as easier to date a rich man, as a poor man"?

Miss Frou Frou

Oops..spellcheck.. that should be easy, not easier...


I would drink to that, LOL


What Mez said. A hot cop. Phwwooarrr!


At least there's no competition between the sisters!


Isn't it against ethics or something? lol!
We had a a Chicken BBQ on saturday, the first time we left so much food after dinner; we had the choice between raw inside and black outside, black inside out, eat only the outer flesh and radioactive.


Amber - It was a philosphoical conversation rather than an acutal truth.

Mez - I'll pass that on. She needs Hot Fuzz.

Amber - Your love of uniforms comes to the fore again!

MissFF - More the case of why do losers keep asking her out.

Cazzie - We did indeed toast her.

Steph - Cops do seem to be popular!

CB - I'm friends with both of them but they do niggle at each other.

Fitena - I'm feel sorry for you. OUr BBQ food was supremo!

Malnurtured Snay

Pfsh - I bet he's the kind of person who wakes up shocked and surprised to have gotten home without running into a pole, too.


A man in uniform = lustworthy.

A man in uniform with an accent = hold me back before I have my dirty way with him right here, right now


Wow, who knew Brisbane was like Arkansas? :) But since this was a philosophical conversation, you do have one up on my bumpkin relatives :)


I love the word barrister. Otherwise I have nothing to add that hasn't been said by your adoring female fans.


An example of soap opera in real life. Now someone needs to get amnesia and things get REALLY juicy.

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