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15 March 2007


Miss Frou Frou

So, is that a good thing or a bad thing, Phil?

My Mum comes to stay a couple of times a year, even though she only lives 5 minutes away, lol.

It forces her to stop running around and doing stuff, so she relaxes, and we have endless around the world in 80 ways conversations...

Though it's still a struggle for her to not interfere... "why don't you put a load of washing on, while we're chatting" or "why are there 3 baskets of clothes that need ironing" and she gets up early and washes and wipes dishes... In my house, dishes get washed once a day.. and left to drain.. why put them away, you're only going to use them again... drives her nuts!


My favorite story about getting rid of guests is giving dinner dishes to the dog to lick clean, then putting them back in the cupboard. People hate that.


Yes, is there more to the story here?


short sheet the bed. It's the only way.


My home is a halfway house for wayward relo's too. There's no escape!


See, the trick is in the real estate. I've always picked places that were big enough for me, but too small for people who want to stay more than a few days. :D

Location, location, location.


*laughs hysterically* I do believe you've been hoisted by your own petard...


MissFF - It's a good thing generally but they would why I spend so much time on the internerts. Dad asked if its because of porn. How to explain blogging?

Eve - Not that's a good trick. I don't have a dog but could like the plates myself.

Egan - Not really. My brother is down for a few days. He arrived the day after Mum left.

Mez - Hee :)

Steph - I knew I shouldn't have given them my address. If Uncle Henry from Saphire turns up I'm in deep trouble.

Michael - I tried that for a while. My location being thousands of klms away so I guess I'm due so catch up visits.

MadameB - I think my brother ate my last patard.


Can we be your family too then, tentative booking for 6 people please :)

Miss Frou Frou

What... you mean you don't surf for porn? Was your Dad disappointed?


That was part of my concern when I moved to Scotland. Funnily enough, everyone I know was like.. Uh? Scotland? Isn't it cold and wet there?
I was pleased to reply with.. WHY yes it is. Very much so. Miserable really. (as I giggled to myself)


An unlisted phone number would be cheaper.


Sometimes it works the other way around. I am so good a guest in comparison to the rest of my siblings (and other relatives), I am often asked to stay too long...

though a bed and breakfast could be profitable.


Cazzie - 6 people? Noooooooooo!

MissFF - I meant I don't surf for porn ALL the time.

Melanie - I could try the humidity. It's so hot, you sweat just lying in bed. I don't have air con. It's truely miserable!

TFG - I made the this mistake of asking them to help me move in so they know the address. Curses, foiled again.

Chris - I've got a couple of chairs to sand back and paint so you're welcome any time!


Take lessons from Basil Fawlty! :P

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