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20 March 2007



Loved the comparisons... yes, we have a unique language that keeps getting worse (in a good and bad way, see?) all the time. Let's just go back to Middle English and freak everyone out and you can tell everyone you are just getting back to your roots... presuming a) they understood you (Middle English being what it is) and b) they did not take the meaning a little too literally. Either really, really into trees or hair care... scary nonetheless :)


* "I love making love with you" - is a phrase that makes me get my boy kicking shoes ready for some reason.

* I love this post. ;)

* I refuse to believe you're not into "into incestuous bestiality threesomes".

* note to self - do not get into a debate with Phil unless you have secret plan of going the nipple cripple attack route instead.

* I'm one of those 'need it discussed in an idiot proof way' - but some people just do not operate in this manner! I think a lot of guys know that 'I just want to bonk you and not cuddle' is going to get them not only not bonking but also not cuddling either so they'd rather just be ...err vague.


Chris - Thee are righteous!

Mez - I'm easy to debate because I say a lot of dumb things (eg love to make love) but if I bring THE DUKE impersonation, you will rue the day! Me likey the idiot proof way too.

I had a whole other bit about how management speak is invading relationships. Business language is all about avoiding responsibility for your actions. 'I'm a real prick' is translated into "I tell it like it is", thus I don't have responsibility for my actions but you do because you can't the handle the 'truth'.

Miss Frou Frou

"too often what is said is not what is meant"

But what happens if what is being said is being misunderstood?

I'm someone who has never really successfully navigated the whole boy/girl thing.. I find it impossible, and stupid, to play coy games... if I like you, I'm just as likely to tell you... which is really bad apparantly...

Spend enough time with me, and you figure out pretty quickly that I don't lie, I'm open. probably sometimes too open... don't ask me a question if you don't want an honest answer.

Female friends understand that almost straight away, but boys... they invariable assume, even when I'm being my most honest, that I'm hiding something. That there's some trick behind my words... some trap. And the more forthright I am, the worse it seems to get...


Best post ever!

We never had debate in highschool, which suddenly makes me very sad. The closest we had was writing really long essays which the teacher would mark according to her own opinion on the subject.

Meanwhile, the whole secret language of boys and girls elludes me. I say what I think at all points, so these games and metaphors and whatnot confuse the shit out of me. The one time I have ever understood the game was when a really bad date whispered, "I think I love you" and clearly meant "Why won't you take your pants off already?!"


I had to take a debating class in high school and absolutely HATED IT. I was absolutely petrified. I am so much more clever in print than in speech, but you do strike me as someone who has a way with words. You definitely should have been on the Lead Debate Team.


I did, Phil! I did!

I said, "Explain it to me like a two-year-old!" It didn't work!

And what, you must tell me, is the charming Australian slang for "anus?"

Tall Chick

That sounds like a fun group. ^_^

How do they decide who wins a debate? (seriously, I want to know)

I love Jeremy's putdown!

I'm filing "date" away from future reference. What great slang.

Thanks for your kind words about my dad. They are much appreciated. :)


Yep, no BS here in this house, we just say it like it is :)


I hated debating at school, but boy did I have crushes on the male debaters!


Hey, me too Chickybabe :)


LOL now I'm gonna think twice if anyone ever asks to "date me".

Great, great post Phil - you should cc this to every politician everywhere (as well as lawyers, policy makers and writers and every bureaucrat who ever lived)


MisFF - Of course that's the flipside. You say something plain but it's mistaken for something else. Sigh.

Caf - Maybe like that Woody Allen movie we all need subtitles saying what we really mean.

Witty - I was a horrible writer in school, grades were like a C average. It was only when I started blogging two years ago that discovered that writing is kinda fun.

Sarah - And he still could explain himself? Curses. I think I missed a comma in that sentence; date is Oz slang for anus. I'm not sure why. Anyone know?

TC - Marks where 40% content, 40% presentation and 20% on how you rebutted the opposition. Jeremy was the king of put downs. To be honest Scott and I were equal to the opposition but Jeremy won the debates for us.

Cazzie - I suspect there are very robust discussion around your kitchen table!

CB - What do you call a large group of debaters? Massdebaters! (v. old joke)

MadameB - Especially if he drops a bar of soap at your feet.


Hey, you didn't become a surgeon but you have a clever/amusing blog! Debating wins again!


Amen to dating confusion. I prefer the euphemism "hanging out."

Also, stunned silence is such a rewarding reaction.


"Date" is slang for "anus."

*Squeals and runs away*


Jac - I like to think of it as a symbolic win!

Eve - Stunned silence is sooo much fun.

Sarah - :)

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