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30 March 2007



And vibrators don't fart either. :-)


wow, could be the end of civilisation soon... pack smartly :) or perhaps you can make a career as a vibrator salesman (with new spider-killing functions) in the world order that is to come :)

Miss Frou Frou

As someone who has got very good at 'looking after myself' from necessity, that doesn't mean it wouldn't be more fun to have someone else in the room at the time... vibrators can't spoon, or whisper sweet nothings in your ears... though they also don't snore, and hog the bed covers...


Hmmm, I wonder why you chose spiders Phil? I'm on to you sir.

Miss Hiss

I would have thought the very best thing about a vibrator-boyfriend is that the woman can choose how it's dressed -- including, most importantly, which shoes it's wearing -- when she takes it out on a date. Love, R xxx


oh my god a spider killing vibrator?!?! Far out I would sooo marry that!

Also, it's quite interesting that
1) so few women have orgasms with or without a guy.
2) that men obviously don't take the time to find out how to get their girlfriends/wives/f.buddies over the line!


I can get myself to orgasm every single time. Only 1 guy has managed that once with me, by comparison.

Vibrators don't give you cuddles, though.


Well, men ought to pull their fingers out then...no punn intended, lol.
Women know how to pleasure themselves, and I am guessing, feel they cannot telltheir man how to pleasure them, and so get no satisfaction from their man, or less than they could potentially receive.
My advice, men, ask your woman how she wants it? Women, tell your man how you want it...easy peasy. The pleasure will be all yours.


Strange it hasn't been mentioned Phil but...

Orgasm does not equal satisfaction.

Great, climax, yay, whatever. Sex in the single sense is aimed towards that (so when they have their orgasm their goal is achieved). But what that research ignores is that sex in a relationship isn't all about the orgasm. And I don't need to get all mushy.

You know what I mean.


You forgot about opening jars! :P


Witty - The day I meet a woman who says "pull my finger" is the day I fall in love.

Chris - A vibrator salesman? That would mean having your inadequances thrown in your face every day!

MissFF - That's probably the next development. A microchip that says "you look great in those pants".

Egan - I read a survey that women rated the best household aspects of having a man around the house and killing spiders was number 1. So much our cooking skills!

Hissy - Not the shoes again! I swear I now own more shoes besides sandals.

Mez - I wonder why? Every conversation I've had of that type has been fraught with peril. The girl worried that she's going to sound like a 'ho and the guy having to listen to the whys and wherefores of his previous failures.

MadameB - A communication theme is developing here. You know how. He doesn't. From a girls perspective how do you tell him? From a guys side, how do raise the subject?

Caz - I like your attitude. In my experience it's easy peasey to discuss but a little more embarassing to get it right in action. Remember the movie Chasing Amy?

"To get a male to orgasm is easy. Insert somewhere preferably moist. Thrust. Repeat. To make a woman orgasm however is an art".

Lauren - Mushy is nice. Achieving goals is nice. Are the two mutually exclusive?


From this girl's perspective I'm not sure I could. I don't think he could replicate it and I'd be too embarrassed to tell him - it's not sexy or pretty or anything.

For the guy... I dunno, "honey I want sex to be wildly satisfying for you... any pointers?" would be a good place to start.


Well I DEFINATELY have no problems achieving orgasm AND i'm in a relationship so what's up with that? I swear there is a single's group out there who makes this crap up, just to get back at coupled people OR a group of men or woman who are want to get into a relationship with a person who is already coupled so they invent this stuff up in hopes they will break up the relationship and can get down and dirty with that specific person. OR it could possibly be true *L*. In any case couples really need to communicate and if they aren't satisfied in the bedroo, maybe they should address this instead of letting it slide.


okay, let's put it this way I might be a teacher but I'm fully into being 'taught' and the sooner in the relationship that happens the better. I am however much worse at 'show and tell' than I am at being 'taught'. Twas always the way at school too: Good at learning but too nervous and shy to really speak up in class.


The comments section has been very interesting, I think.

Hmm... it's been my experience that a vibrator (or your own fingers, whatever works) is all about getting yourself off. You know you're not going to be left hanging with that.

Buttttt... there's a lot more intimacy with another human being and that is great, too.

I'm definitely a "giver" and I get a lot of satisfaction out of making the person I'm with get cross-eyed and cross that "line" hard.

At the same time, I think it's important to not ignore your own sexual needs. Unless you're sleeping with a psychic, you really do need to speak up, guiding their hands and teaching them your favorite direction or rythm... I don't know. I guess I just don't think it's very fair that men are held so accountable for making the woman their with achieve orgasm. Women have a voice or can even "show" - that's a lot of pressure for a guy to be under... especially if he's genuinely concerned about her pleasure. I simply feel that women are just as responsible for their own pleasure as the guy is and vice versa.

If your bedroom life is not satisfying to you, then do something to change it. There is that percentage of women who have a hard time orgasming with vaginal sex only, but there are PLENTY of ways to provide that extra stimulus ;).

But a spider-killing vibrator would still be nice! :)

Jo Blogs

Pull my finger.


Oooooh you kill spiders.... very very handy.

Actually do pop round to PomGirl's place - she has a NASTY big spider right now.


LOL, yeah, I guess it is abstract art!!! The chick has to let the dude..or dudette, know WHERE to go and what to do, that is the key :)


nothing wrong with that... atleast they doing something about it.

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