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23 March 2007


Miss Natalie

Some people just don't know how to behave in public!


I've seen that a lot at movies, but I've -never- seen it at a play. I'm surprised s/he didn't get kicked out.


Now, THAT IS ANNOYING!! Would you believe this happens at the ballet too? Grrrrr.



okay, I understand.


Did s/he also wave their finger, purse their lips, tut and go: "nuh-uh! She did NOT just say that!" before twirling a head of blingy braids?

Cos that woulda been kinda cool.


I just laughed so hard I almost peed in my pants at the thought of an Aussie saying, "You go, girl!" with that funny accent of yours. That, I'd have to hear!


The only time I've EVER heard people talk back to the actors was in an African American musical with Patti LaBelle called "Your Arms are too Short to Box with Jesus". There was a lot of "You Go Girlfriend", "Bless you Jesus", "We Love You Patti". I guess it was okay, but it was disconcerting until my friend and I joined in and started yelling "Hallelujah Jesus!" and rolling around on the floor. Ha! We didn't do that, except for the "Hallelujah" part. :-)


Who does that?!

I thought everyone saw at least one play/ arts council production in Primary School and therefore learned how to behave during a performance.

Clearly some people fell through the cracks :)


They should be gagged and dragged outside! I sat next to some guy who spent the entire move giving commentary to his kid until someone turned around and told him to shut up. Did he? Nooo...


MissN - He looked a little like Buster from Arrested Development.

Michael - It was a musical that drowned out most of his ranting unless you were three seats away.

Cazzie - Yob behaviour at the ballet? I suppose if its Romeo and Juliet then capulet and montague supporters could throw down with the production programs and give each other paper cuts.

Mez - I think he was a Friend of Rhonda Burchmore.

MadameB - He was kinda of nerdy, thin and a well pressed shirt.

Sarah - Those American sayings just sound ridiculous in my accent.

Witty - Now that would be fun. I always wanted to try my "Amen Brother!"

Jen - He must of fallen through the cracks and landed on his head.

CB - I hate sitting next to running commentry dads.


Hi Phil!

This entry made me laugh - I totally got what you were saying. Don't you just hate it when the moron that interacts with the movies is your really loud, really obnoxious, FRIEND, that you were stupid enough to go to the movies with?

I think the entry below this one is one of the BEST entries I have ever read. No joke, either!


OMG I actually love when that happens. Retarded people are so much more interesting than any movie I could see. Maybe not at a play though. You can't rent those on dvd to re watch in quiet.

I missed you buddy!


It's so thrilling to watch movies with people like that (note the sarcasm), but I draw the line at plays. I don't know why though, but I think the same sort of respect for others should be shown at a movie as well... oh, wait, most of humanity wouldn't know respect, civility or courtesy if those concepts walked up to them and explained it to them in the simple terms they might actually understand...

sorry, pet peeve of mine, though it can be pretty funny at times :)


Hahaha. I've never heard that at a play before either.

Oh no she di'n't!

Eileen Dover

Oh wow.

Rhonda Burchmore is still alive?

(Don't hurt me. I'm showing my age.)

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