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29 March 2007



That's such a great song!

You should get "Guitar Hero" on Playstation, they have that song so you can shred on your little plastic guitar and entertain all the rockstar dreams you've ever had...or that's what I did anyways :)

Miss Frou Frou

Phil, power ballads...Is this love - Whitesnake, Broken Wings - Mr Mister, Keep on Loving You - Reo Speedwagon, We Belong - Pat Benatar, Open Arms - Journey, More than Words - Extreme, Beth - Kiss, These Dreams - Heart, Feel Like Making Love - Bad Company, The Flame - Cheap Trick, Only Women Bleed - Alice Cooper, Total Eclipse of the Heart -Bonnie Tyler, Fooled Around and Fell in Love - Elvin Bishop, anything by Meatloaf or Foreigner...

Hair Metal (most of the bands above) - Bad Medicine/You Give Love a Bad Name - Bon Jovi, Every Rose has it's Thorn - Poison, We're not going to take it - Twisted Sister, Cum on Feel the Noise - Quiet Riot (though Slade was better), Paradise City - Guns n Roses, Rock n Roll Allnight - Kiss, School's Out - Alice Cooper, The Final Countdown - Europe, Hot for the Teacher/ Panama - Van Halen

Can you tell I'm an 80's tragic?


haha! I have been tossing up a hair band Musical Monday + I love that song as I'm IN IT!!


play with me - extreme
bad medicine - bon jovi
cherry pie - warrant
the stroke - billy squier
rosanna - toto
unskinny bop - poison
hold the line - toto
working for the weekend - loverboy (!!!!)
dream police - cheap trick
pour some sugar on me - def leopard
rocket - def leopard
ain't talking 'bout love - van halen
we're not gonna take it - twisted sister
jump - van halen
run to paradise - choirboys
poison - alice cooper
juke box hero - foreigner
sweet child o mine - guns n roses
you give love a bad name - bon jovi
hush - deep purple
the boys are back in town - thin lizzy
owner of a lonely heart - yes
you ain't seen nothing yet - boston
evie - steve wright
sweet caroline - neil diamond (I know you want to include it Phil!)

power ballads (I actually had someone at school come find me and hand me a copy of an album called: "power ballads". She said - "I think you really NEED this album". I'm obviously not known for my trendiness).

total eclipse of the heart - bonnie tyler
wind of change - scorpion
nothings gonna stop us now - starship
I just died in your arms tonight - foreigner
glory of love - peter catera
The flame - cheap trick
I found someone - cher
the final countdown - europe
take these broken wings - mister mister
edge of seventeen - stevie nicks
walking in memphis - cher (the cher version is waaay more ballady)
I just died in your arms tonight - foreigner

if you are looking for that 70s kind of rock with a bit o grunt to it - go get the Dazed and Confused soundtrack. Every song is a winner!!


I loved the "no air-banding" episode.

Also...most of the suggestions rock, I really don't have much to add.


Yes!! The Dazed and Confused Soundtrack is a winner! For power ballads you have to have Love Bites By Def Lepard, that song replaced Stairway to Heaven (which had an impressive run) as the closing song for all school dances. You can't miss with any of those other recommendations though.


Scrubs is easily one of the best shows ever. :)

What's NYE?


Clearly, you need "Pour Some Sugar on Me" by Def Leppard. And, if you want to get your groove on in leather pants and a tank top so cut up it looks like you are wearing something constructed of shoelaces that the ladies can rip off at any moment, I suggest the less popular but yet AWESOME "Seventeen" by Winger.


Like a Prayer always gets people frantically dancing without a care. And it spans a few generations (and both sexes) as well.


Like a Prayer always gets people frantically dancing without a care. And it spans a few generations (and both sexes) as well.


Jen - I'd like to see D'Jen rocking the air guitar.

MissFF - Thanks for the suggestions. iTunes is gettting a work out this morning.

Mez - iTune is getting expensive. I swapping to limewire!

Lauren - Me loves the Scrubs too.

Al - I go the D&C soundtrack last night. AWESOME!

Michael - Sorry mate I meant New Years Eve.

Lauren - PSSOM is perfect. Me wearing leather pants is less so. PLEASE START BLOGGING AGAIN LAUR!

Eve - We did once play Burning Up by Madonna which resulted in everyone rolling around on the floor and panting heavily. Good tip thanks!


Gosh I can't help you with hip rock song titles since I only know Broadway musicals, so I'd just go with the Nude Dash. I always vote for the Nude anything. :-)


Phil, it's something no person can ever witness, your head will explode from the awesomeness :)


my booboo

you ain't seen nothing yet is by Bachman Turner Overdrive not Boston and really shouldn't be on the list at all. Sorry bout that!

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