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17 April 2007


Jo Blogs

I started to think that maybe some subliminal back-masking was going on.

Then I icked myself out.
"Plug" backwards is "Gulp".


I am completely horrified at all tampon commercials, but that brand takes the cake.


personally I'm more disgusted by the ads that promote 'being able to do anything' while you're BLEEDING like you've been stabbed a billion times in your nether region. Yeah, yeah suuuure I'd just love to go volleyball-surfing-karate kicking when I have my period. More like all I want to do is absofuckinglutely nothing. Plug it up is bloody right. What's the brand? I'm investing.


JoB - Oh that's nasty!

Sarah - And why does toilet paper ads always involve puppies. I know we blame the dog if we fart but do we know blame the dog for number twos? (or maybe the reference is meant to be that the toilet paper is as soft as puppies fur?) Or I've spent too much time on this topic.

Mez - It could be a super reverse ploy but most advertising people aren't that smart. Case is point, I remember the ad but not the brand.

I could start a regular advertising post. Next week I'll eat a beef vindaloo curry and do a control test on some puppies.


I've never seen Carrie so the significance/horror of that ad is completely lost on me :)

...Poo and vomit behold no terror for me - two much younger siblings and work in a country pub will fix that...

Oh I hear you dude. I used to waitress at a BP diner and had to clean the toilets. Once, when I was cleaning the men's toilets (UGH), I found a pile of human poo sitting on the ground in the stall next to the toilet. WHYYYYYYYYYYY???!!!!

Miss Frou Frou

I'm with Mez.. I'd be more than happy to buy products that had an advertisement that showed a woman in her flannel pj's with a hot water bottle, a giant packet of tissues and a years worth of chocolate, watching Opray or possibly sitting there mindlessly stabbing the scissors into a trashy romance novel, while cackling like a maniac...


It took me a moment to get it, though I didn't even need the Carrie reference. Just calling a tampon "plug" is disturbing enough.


To be fair, I looked at the site and it seems like the "VoxPlug" is a separate concept (some sort of ad or mini movie) and that associating tampons and the idea of a plug (however it's meant) is unfortunately, and possibly the work of a work experience kid, or a clueless guy.

I really like the idea Mez had, if I saw an ad of someone sitting on the lounge in pain while being cranky and weepy and eating their body weight in chocolate I would buy that brand for LIFE.


So is that guy video-taping something on the cover of the tampax box? That is about the last thing I would want to see while involved with a tampax...a guy with a video camera. That is just a big ewww, all the way around.


I always wondered about tampon ads in general. I got over my fear of buying them while married, but some of the ads just want to make me scratch my head, but then so do most of the viagra and related products as well.




Ohhh... ok I finally get it. *sigh* I'm going home now.



FINALLY! I was waiting for someone to do something about that ad. It's DEPLORABLE!!!

Good work Phil. I'm way to lazy for such things. ;)





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