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18 April 2007



sometimes everything in life can be brought down to this simple fact: shit happens.

I guess the difference is perspective. You can be the most damn positive person in the world and shit will still happen, but I guess if you're that damn positive you don't care so much when it does.

As you know from my own analysis of TS bro and I watched this with Fashion Cousin. Bro thought it was especially yawn-o-matic. Afterwards we were talking about TS and bro said he's going to make a visualisation wall with a big picture of a gratitude rock on it. Baby steps.


Beyond everything else that annoys and confuses me about The Secret and its terrible logic, this is what always baffles me about how well these books sell: You can never find the answers if they are given to you. You just can't. So buying these books serves what purpose? Go out and live your damned life and learn all you can.

I don't know. I guess I'm not supposed to understand these books.


I like the point you make about "acting". I think that when you whole heartedly believe something then your actions reflect that belief regardless of whether it's a conscious decision or not, you know? Just by having such a dead set beleif in your mind can make you do things unintentionally to make it happen for you.

I think it's a very fair review of The Secret, Phil. I know a lot of people just love it and lots of people dismiss it as BS. I have believed in the concept of positive thinking long before The Secret and I will continue to after the hype dies down, each to their own and all :D


I think TS or Law of Attraction happens for some people. I have a friend who always said, "I see myself working in Africa". This seemed impossible at the time--her job had nothing to do with Africa! But she believed this no matter what anyone thought and then one job led to another and she ended up working in Africa-- not as a volunteer--she is very well paid, which makes it all the more amazing to me. So, I have seen some of my friends be able to attract things that come out of left field and the thing that separates them from people can't do this--is their confidence to believe in what they want no matter what anyone else says or thinks.


I do have issues with belief myself, I would rather think and feel, mostly because of what we do to perpetrate belief. Still, that is another can of worms (or appropriate cliche) completely... positive thinking has its place, but I have also seen plenty of positive thinking go to waste too. Were I more of the optimist I used to be, I would be all about it. The problem with getting older (as I am sure you have run into) is realism, pragmatism and to some extent, cynicism... pity that, but that is how it often happens, even with positive thinking trying to remove such ideals :)


I was in the same room as one of those "secret" guys and he'd practically screech at me everytime I said the word "can't". Him: "there's no such word as "can't!". This from a guy with mental illness making $8/hr. I mean I'd love to mindlessly say "Yes universe I believe I will get everything I believe in, but that is not very realistic and besides, Johnny Depp is already married to some skinny French chick. What's left to wish for?

Kitten Rex

I believe in The Secret and the Law of Attraction.
I'm very attractive and that's why you love me Uncle Phil. That's no secret.

Miss Frou Frou

I've had the book sitting on my coffee table for over a month... my boss wants everyone to read it... can't make myself... and I'm someone who is interested in things like positive affirmations and manifestations... but this feels way too much like an Amway convention... and for all the same reasons that others have mentioned, if you take the Laws of Attraction to its logical conclusion all of us would live to a ripe old age, be independently wealthy and have fantastic jobs and sex lifes. That'd be the end of blogging as we know it then, as we'd have nothing to write about!

And I'm struggling a lot with the apparent materialism in this.. but maybe I need to read the book to be fair. Is there any mention of Laws of Attraction bringing people spiritual happiness, and love for their fellow man?

Though I think people can pick up a book like The Secret at a particular time in their lives and have it have some resonance. because of something happening to them at that time. For me, that book would be Caroline Myss' Sacred Contracts. Given to me by a friend when I was trying to deal with the devastation of someone I love choosing to marry someone else, I worked with the book for a couple of months, never finishing it, but it helped me clear my head and I've never needed to refer to the book again... though I've bought copies of the book for 2 other friends in the last couple of years.


Mez - Try drawing visualization wall with gratitude stones on a $50 dollar note and stick it above your bed. Guarenteed to work!

Caf - I guess it sells the same way the Bible sells. People are desperate for meaning about why shit happens and what's to blame.

Jen - Having the one interviewee talk about ACTION is why I toned down the review to gentle ribbing. That's wasn't bad advice.

SJ - I guess it's how you look at a situation. I see your friend as having done the work that put them in the circumstances to be offered the job in Africa ("then one job led to another and she ended up working in Africa"). I'm sure she thought positively about working in Africa but more importantly she worked positively. She didn't win the universe's lotto of positive thought. She earned the opportunity which makes her achievment all the more impressive.

Chris - I hope you blog more about this subject (beliefs and aging, pragmatism vs optimism). I really like to hear more of your thoughts. To me optimism doesn't not mean blind belief. An open mind does not mean you'll accept anything. Cyncasism does not mean you are cut off from wonder.

Witty - Hee! It's the Tony Robbins approach to philosophy.

KittenRex - I firmly believe cats are running the world.

MissFF - The touched on relationships but it was of the variety of "think about threesomes and you'll have threesomes. Think about a marriage and you'll get married". The Secret was definately in the wealth creation side of philosophy/religion. There was one small section on spirtuality but the rest was get a car, get a cup of coffee, get $100,000, get a bike etc.

I don't know if that is a comment on The Secret per se or what people want to hear.


Funny, because I think The Secret is that you create your own reality, but only as much as the crazy homeless lady on the street where I work thinks she's Princess Di.


It's not a new idea anyway. That theory about like attracting like has been around for eons.

I don't believe a word of it.


Also, this is funny: http://www.jewcy.com/faithhacker/the_secret_whats_your_secret_weight

She's trying out the secret and blogging about it.


I'm visualising you blogging another entry Phil!!!

Miss Frou Frou

Mez.. I think he's learnt The Secret, and as I predicted (I'm obviously more of a prophet than I thought) he is now independently wealthy, and has met the girl of his dreams and has no longer any need for the great unwashed in the blogosphere...


Phil, I will try and think more on it. My last couple of posts did have to do with certain views on mortality and perhaps how illusive it can be :)


Okay so you are thinking that we're going to go away?

The Secret doesn't work like that, Phil.


I've just watched it and it strikes me as a very long winded way of saying "think positive". 90 minutes, for that? And I think that positivity is a good start, but is it going to do all the work? I think not.


So, where did you disappear to? Or is that a secret, too? :P

Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi


Mez told me to tell you to post something new. (that statement is completely false). Hope you're well Phil.


Phil, did you die?



This is the SECOND weekend now that I've come home to find no new entry from youuuu. Which means you should really post and put me out of my misery here. And the other members in the Phil-Fan-Club, of course! :)

Hope all is well! :)


Phil are you holding your writing for ransom? What are your demands? Let's talk about this reasonably.


Where are you Flip?


Phil has been abducted.

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