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19 March 2005



I'm SO going to show this to my husband. He has yet to master the one-handed removal.


Ha I figured this method out with my first girlfriend. There is NOTHIGN worse then when a guy is fumbling forever and finally I have to say OH PLEASE let me and then I just pop it off with one hand behind my back. jackasses.


I wouldnt be so sure of gump being able to unhook a bra!!!

my boyfriends dont have to worry about this. my boobs are so perky i dont need to wear a bra.

that was a total lie. and i've yet to meet a guy that didnt have problems. one was so inept he actually tried to push it over my head.



oh and incase you havent guessed...it was biff. yes biff, the gorilla boy, creator of the patented dip and swirl.


One of my male friends is so inept at bra removal when his freind (also a male) borrowed a bra of mine for drag.

When i got it returned the hooks were RIPPED off, apparently they found it so hard to get off (bearing in mind that in the usual male manner there was one person wearing the bra, another trying to remove it and 8 others giving "helpful" advice,) that they decided the best, and most technical, option was simply to give it a good "yank" and low and behold, it ripped.

I despair at the male species!


Oh man, all your comments cracked me up especially when you remember that men are suposed to be the "technical/mechanical" experts! Hey, I may not be able to strip the cylinder head of my car or rebuild a driveshaft but I am master of the bra.

Helen:- loved the "8 others giving helpful advice"!
Betty:-Great to get some input from someone who's been on both sides of the equation. OH PLEASE... love it.
Megin:- Be patient and let me know Dan's progress (that sounds dirtier than I mean)
Kel:- I think Gump's ok because gurkfriends don't wear bras. Biff tried to push it over your head. Classic!


Kelly --- Hahahahahahahah to Biff. How on EARTH did you hook up with that freak?


muhahahaa... wayne must be a man of hidden talent. having never even attempted it before, he managed it pretty quickly first time. oh the memories :)


Loved this post. Would it be too obvious to print it out and leave it on the coffee table?


Not at all Kristy - this was a public service post!


I absolutely loved this post! It made me laugh. I find it works better with the right hand though, for some reason.

Taking your bra off? That happens? Sorry, I had forgotten. Been married to a yackass for years whose idea of foreplay was saying "take your pants off, let's do it"
Maybe my next boyfriend will be normal.
This post had me laughing. Thanks!


what a great entry... I am eighteen and removing the bra is one of my specialties. Some people are good at math others are good at english. I have an amazing ability to unclasp any bra at anytime using anything. But I always thought that it came natural. I was with a girl last night and she started taking her bra off and I was like "I can do it." She was surprised also b/c she didn't know that any guy could do that. And By the way I picked her up at a WEDDING... Thanks Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn!!!

**Adam my son - welcome to the club and I wish you many years of bra removal**


Nice site I havent laughed as much in a long time. I have yet to meet a guy tht can unclip my bra with out the whole fondling moment tht is such a red neck to go through, I would much rather just take the fecker off an maybe actually have some sex before he opens his mouth an turns me off.


people I have the exception........today I realised tht my boyr
friend aint as dumb as i thought he unclipped my bra first go with one hand weh hey ;)


Yea I used to try it on friends when walking from home from school (that would be sexual assult today, then it was just plain fun), then i didnt have anyone for a few years then last night when i was with my missus i tried my old technique again and HAZAA (lol) it worked, it must belike riding a bike once you do it a few times you never forget.


For more on the subject..



Why are everybody's email adresses visible ? Couldn't you say something on the comment form ?

Jeez.. that's an invitation to spam. Thanks a lot, dude.



thanks so much i have been shut down time and time again because i could never figure out how to pass first base. Thanks for all your help now i can finally become a real man. got to go my sisters waiting for me to try it out!


Haha! I love it, what an entry! As shamefull as it is, took me more then a few go's to get it right! But if i read this, likely would have saved me from feeling like a bit of a real amature at times. Well thanks, i thought it was funny as, also very informing at the same time. And very correct, left hand !


Hilariously insightful article; a word to all women out there, Velcro bra's are the greatest inventions of all time so buy more of them.


lol, awsome post! I gatta say though you need to write a follow up. My wife's jaw dropped one day when I snaked my head under her arm and unhooked her bra with my just my teeth. I swear to god it was the first time I ever tried it, and had it off in under a second. Try it! It's a blast to see their expression. Get the whole clasp unit into your mouth with your teeth and then slide your bottom jaw out to pull apart the hooks. Just to be sure you don't sit there getting their back all slobery you might practice on a bra she's not wearing.


I lesbian and even the women I've been with have had trouble. Women put a bra on by turning it around, so the clasps are in the front. Even with everyday experience, it is different to take it off while facing another girl. It's to be expected that it would be difficult for a guy when even girls have trouble tkaing it off.


My suggestion is for a guy to find an opportunity to practice doing this adroitly. It's a real turn-off for this kind of fumbling to occur in a moment of passion, you know! It's really not hard to learn to do. Once I served as a live mannequin for a guy pal to practice the skill of bra unsnapping through clothing! Needless to say, we were really good Platonic friends!


ha! this post was awesome! scared the crap outta my gf (got her while walking in the mall) and it somehow got her "bothered" thanks again i always wondered about the one-handed method

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