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21 October 2005



haha you have a flair for dramatic reading. You sound like you're about to bust out laughing the entire time!!


you have a great voice! and the accent, ahhhh. accents are my cryptonite. Well, accents and cashmere. you should totally be doing the audio for children's books or something.

good luck on saturday!


Woah, Phil, you have a sexy voice. Nice bits and hints of accent here and there....

mmm... men with accents....


great poem!
you have a lovely voice, and still have an oz accent! You might even be stuck with it :P


Damn damn damn the man. I can't listen because I apparently don't have a sound card. :(


My dear Phil, why oh why would you want to lose your Australian accent? Its so charming and obviously well suited for e.e. cummings. Sheesh!

Desperate Sarah

Great poem. My personal favorite is "she being Brand."

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