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14 September 2006



I can't believe someone as smart as you had all those crappy jobs! Wow, way to give some perspective there :)


Moral of the Story #2: Those who can't do...teach. ;)

Just kidding, that resume, is impressive, if not entertaining.

P.S. It was the troll's to lose right from the beginning IMHO. So now it's Canada 2 - World 0 in Rockstar competition. Both winners have been from Toronto. That's right, we Rock ;)


holy crap. You've worked more than I've ....well done anything.


Wow. That's a very long list. I don't think you told me about the cleaning toilets bit.

I hope we'll get to meet again before you fly back to Oz for good (will you be flying from SG or KL?) because I need your advice on my "career" again. Yep, a year later and I'm still fuzzy. Sigh.


I was an extra in a movie once!


Phil, you're a wonder!

I totally agree with you about uni. The skills I learnt there were exactly what you talked about here. Living in the world teaches you to think critically to a certain extent but people don't often put themselves out of their comfort zones. Uni was one of those places that opened my eyes real wide. It was great.

For the record I have cleaned toilets as part of working in an elderly persons hostell - it was *not* a good part of the job.

grr @ Al (okay, it's true, but still, grr).


Sarah - I was pretty lost when I was in early twenties.

Al - In celebration of Canada's second win, I declare today is Aboot Day!

Betty - I'm a wee bit old than you but I don't have a wonderful child like Analise.

Shaf - I definately will catch up with before I go. I'm due to be in Singapore in a couple of weeks.

Mez - You're right. I'd like to see colleges or schools offer more time management/study skills subjects before kids get into the nitty gritty of uni. The study shock is what causes most people to drop out.


God, Phil. You've done everything! I was sure I'd get to the end and you'd say, "And then I jumped a rocket and went off to fight the aliens." You're making me sleepy over here!


Happy Aboot Day!


Hahaha, I don't feel bad now. T always rags on me for having had tons of jobs. I still have to clean toilets at the bar. Women are NASTY creatures. I just thought, that on top of bathroom duty at work, I have to wipe the private parts of other people at clinical. my life SUCKS. Damn. now i feel bad again!


You didn't have a lot of jobs Phil, you're just diverse! Ha, that's what I always tell people about my resume. I bet you were a cute male receptionist though. I can just see you sitting there with your cup of pencils. :-)


At least all the crappy jobs gave you life experience like nothing else could.
You've come a long way :)

Kitten Rex

You forgot to mention when you were production crew - and occasional member of the chorus - for the stage play at the theatre in Chatswood.


Rexie - that was community theatre. Home of the unpaid and questionably talented! I don't know if you remember I had explicit instructions to lip sync during the choir scene. Oh the shame.

Kitten Rex

Lip sync? You mean you were faking it? Whodathunkit?


A toilet cleaner going out with an aeronautical engineer?

You are one secure guy Phil. Love your work.

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