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10 September 2006



oh yummmmmm.
ps: BUT do you get sick of Asian food all the time? Do you even have it all the time? Can you get a decent bowl of spag bol or dish of lamb roast with all the roasted veggies and stuff? Is the western food just a bit dodgily (I know it's not a word) appropriated or is it okay because there are so many bloody Aussies over there that it's like farking London? I'm always hearing that when Asian people come here they laugh their arses off at how we appropriate a decent stir fry or thai green curry. So, am curious as to food situation for Westerners over there!


Is that a satay stick on the right side of the plate? I'm Javanese-Malay and I can't stand satay!



Have you noticed lately just how well-known you are in the blog world? Pretty much every journal that I've been discovering and reading through this weekend, especially Saturday, (had to have SOMETHING to do at work, haha) had you linked on it.

You're becoming quite the sensation! :)

Makes me feel even more honored that I made it onto your list of reads.

Anyway, was just wondering if you had realized this!


Our Phil is famous? I hope his head doesn't get too big. We still want him to be all sweet and funny and attentive to us. You will, won't you Phil?


Hey did you hear about the death of Peter Brock? Not sure if you follow much car racing and I haven't seen much about it on Yahoo so thought you might want to know another great Australian icon has left us. I hope in this case, it doesn't run in threes. Nice pictures :)


Mez - I do. I dream of french cuisine and italian pasta. And it's hard to find decent steak (Oz quality). No doubt when I'm back in Brisbane I'll be dreaming of satays and nasi goring. I'm like that.

Shaf - You don't like satays? That would be an Australian not liking ham. Hang on I don't like ham. I'm with you sister.

Amb - I have 5 other blogs just so I can link to myself. Sssh it's our secret.

Awitty - I'm sorry to say my head is getting bigger because my hairline is getting smaller. Damn you matriarcial male pattern baldness genes. No Christmas gift for Mum this year!

Gena - How sad Brockie followed Steve Irwin. Why couldn't it be Darryl Summers and the weather guy who was on Dancing with the Stars.


*also votes for dazza and that midget guy to go next*

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