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07 September 2006



Another tried and failed (!) conversation topic to avoid with men:

Do you really think you should have another beer?


:D excellent.


Ha! I love it.


oh god if a guy asked me "should you be eating that" it would be like a challenge to an eatnig contest - and I'd win.

another subject to avoid with men - "who is better looking, your ex or me??"


Another one to avoid asking a male.
"Do you think she's pretty?"


That entire post, and the comments section, has had me rolling, laughing, for the last five minutes. That was great, Phil (and Mez!)


Wow, women are predictable. Really.


I always thought guys liked being asked to fix things. I had a male co-worker put an air filter in my car last week. He seemed all puffed up like a peacock. Like, wee! I got to put witty's air filter in. I guess I thought men liked that. Sheesh...shows what I know, huh?


Sarah - Them's fighting words.

Mez - Don't you know all my best ideas come from other people. :)

Caf - I live to enlighten.

Betty - Let me guess the male response... You are better looking but the ex has bigger boobs.

Steph - Oooh I fallen into that trap. See reply to Betty's comment.

Amb - Glad you're smiling.

Laur - All us creatures (male and female) are a little insecure at heart.

Awitty - We live to (attempt to) fix things. We hate having our prowess called into questions!


oh christ - no Phil, no! The correct response to Betty's question is: I don't know, I don't even remember what my ex looked like! Ex who?

The correct answer to Steph's q is: Do I think who's pretty? What girl? There was another girl in the room?

If that fails you pretend to have a heart attack and play dead until she leaves.


Mez I wonder why I'm single? I'll practice the possum death ploy before I date in Aus.

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