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04 September 2006



Yeah, I thought it was a joke too - I mean how can a man who feeds babies to crocks and get stung by jellyfish without even flinching, die?

I always thought he was a bit of a dick but his death is really sad. I feel so sorry for his family. He may have been a dick but he was a bloody knowledgeable one. Crikey indeed.


Yeah, I never liked the guy all that much (prat is exactly the word) but I was really sorry to hear he died. Despite what I thought of him, I have to admit he really did do a lot of good for a lot of people.

Very sad.

I second Mez: Crickey indeed.


Seems sort of freakish how he actually died. I mean how many people have died from string ray attacks? Alot friggin less than ones who have died from croc attacks thats for sure.


I stumbled on this website: http://www.confusionroad.com/article.php?article_id=162 a couple of years ago, and another satirical one that attributed his "death" to a boa constrictor - so when I read the news yeserday on the Courier-Mail website, my first reaction was, "Oh, it's another silly hoax. How irresponsible to print something that's clearly not true". Love, R xxx


Oh, also - When I looked at the Wikipedia site (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Irwin) less than 10 minutes after the news first came through, to see if they'd entered his date-of-death details (they had - I am always impressed by such promptness) the last line said - truly - "Steve Irwin died after being raped by a stingray while filming..." I looked at it several times and thought, "Is that the technical term for a stingray sting?" and did a google search (and apparently no, it isn't) - when I went back to Wikipedia to see if I'd perhaps misread it, I saw the "recent vandalism - locked for editing" disclaimer thingy.

Amazing. Some people really are pricks. x


Um, that would actually be http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Irwin


Wow- you broke the news to me on this. Sting ray? Seriously? Couldn't it have been something a little more deadly?


I too thought it was a joke when I heard the news. It's sad—to be sure. In Canada we are also the most critical of our international celebrities (See: Celine Dion) but in the end, when we lose a personality that—to the rest of the world at least—serves as a fugure-head to our own nation, it is a sad day. We sometimes forget that those people are real people and have real families. I thought the Croc guy was amusing and a bit looney, but when I heard the news of his death, it struck me that I would never see him wrestle another croc and I did feel a pang of sadness.


I wish it were a joke. I've always loved him.


Crikey, I always liked ol' Steve too. He was like an obnoxious younger brother who might stick a snake in your bed. He really put crocks and critters from Australia on the map for us Yanks. I'll miss him.


Did you see Germain Greer came out with a statement in which she said the animal world had taken revenge on "self-deluded animal tormentor Steve Irwin".



Ugh. The woman is demented.


This made me really sad. I was never such a huge fan of his, he was just there -- he amused me but I didn't think much about it. Your tribute was very moving.

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