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22 September 2006



Aw, they're so cute! Except for the whole stomach regurg spit, which? Ew. What sort of freaky-ass evolution brought that particular skill about?


All the pictures of the farm you have posted look breathtaking, Phil.

The alpacas look like they won't take any shit from anyone and are actually beginning to scare me so I'll just back away now...


I hate spitting animals. Camels are just as bad.
How rude!


We have a lot of alpaca farms. Of course at the university we also had parties called "llama ramas" which consisted of 20 kegs of beer and a rented llama, so we may or may not be the weird ones here :)


Caf - How can stinky mouth be reproductively advantageous? It doesn't make sense. Of course the other arguement is the Intelligent Designer got lazy and instead of thinking up a new animal, just put together some left over sheep and camel bits.

Mez - The place has got a little rain over the last month and it's green up nicely.

Steph - Yesh I'm wisth you.

Sarah - a) you can rent a lama? b) did make it home unmolested?


a) yes b) no


To drive that point home for you:



haha, that actually reminds me of a club at unimelb "society of the friends of unnatural llamas" (FOUL). It was the monty python appreciation society. Yes, I joined. Yes, I do wish someone had told me it was known as an underground sex club BEFORE I joined. um ew.


Phil, I just read your comment to Sarah's "100 Things About Me" list... and Oh My God... I can't stop laughing!! That is the funniest thing I've read in forever... not the breaking up part, but the other bit of it. Just thought I'd let you know!


Re: The flyer. That is one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen! Well, not the flyer itself but the images it produces in my head, which? Holy shit... No. Wrong wrong wrong.

And yet? Hilarious.


Awww... I want a pet alpaca too! *sniffles* I'd teach mine to spit on cue, especially at people I didn't like. *chuckles*


Caf - It's the love that dares not baabaa it's name.

Gena - Now that's a top idea.


Hey when your pet alpaca's have babies do we get dibs on them?! hee hee

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