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26 September 2006



are you saying I'm in with a chance then? bonus!

well, no - but you know you're in a bad way when your song is "here I go again" by whitesnake. That's all I'm sayin'.

Kitten Rex

I'm too young to date, but my mummy went out - in consecutive order:
Another Peter
Another Edward

Kind of a pattern?


I don't know about dating people with the same first intial but does dating the same person twice count? I've only done... a few too many times.. I'm scared to admit the exact number *L*


For some strange reason my brand-spanking new RSS reader says you haven't updated since 2004.

But anyway.

Nah... I'd be afraid of calling out the wrong name. ;)


I haven't, but a lot of guys I've dated have.

My guess is it goes back to the time period. Sometimes there are fads of names and when you date within a certain age group, you're bound to meet someone with one of those names.


The song that my wife and I dubbed "Our Song" is come out and play by the Offspring. It seemed to be on the radio every time I picked her up to go out.


Jason and Tony. Both dating and non-dating, those two names just pop up in my life ALL THE TIME. It's weird.


While not quite the same thing, there seems to be a who-asks-me-out trend: Leo, Luc, Luke, Leigh, Another Luke. Then to throw a spanner in, there was a Brock and an Eli. Mostly with the 'L's though.


Mez - Considering I dated Monique twice, that's a fair comment.

KR - Tell Valbaby that's hilarious. (And who is this Mark person that she's been very quiet about)

Gina - I've done it myself. Never again.

Anna - Ooooo I've never made that mistake.

Sarah - I think you're right. There are a lot of Katies around my age.

Al - Only you and Mrs Al would have an Offspring song!

Lauren - Jason and Tony? Being a Cal girl, I thought you'd be surrounded by Ridges, Thornes and the occasional Eduardo.

Caf - Good point, if I reverse the who asked who out dymnamic..... I get Jill, Gill and Jo. I think I'll have to troll for some Clares.


Oh crap - Kitten Rex - please tell Valbaby that I'm not talking about CLAIR!


Was watching the world's guinness book records last night on TV and would you believe that a record exisits for the most amount of bra's straps to be undone with only one hand used? The record is 42 in a minute *laughs* And the funniest thing is that the title for this record belongs to a guy!


Uhm, I'm with Gena, dates yes, second dates, not so much. Names, look I should remember their names, but only the special ones come to mind.


That's weird! Maybe you are psychologically attached to the letter M.


I've only dated 4 guys. Two of them were named Gregory. They both turned out gay. What are the odds???? Lesson learned? Ask sexual preference first if their name is Greg.


oh lord didn't I write about this before? haha. I had a run where I multiple dated guys with letter names -
matt & michael
jeff & jason
austin & aaron
brando & brett
then I screwed it up by going to david. damn.


Uhmmmm.... Yes, kind of.

Just Aaron, then Adam.

Hopefully I'll have better luck with the second one than the first.

You have dated a lot of girls with the first letter in their name being M. Maybe you should move on to a different letter of the alphabet? :)

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