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18 September 2006



"Will his thighs go straight to my thighs?"
rofl, classic!

I have a dream that one day Naomi Robson will be eaten by cannibals - but not before enduring a whole day sans foundation.


What happens if WaWa comes home wearing a fake Irwin sticker?

You make me feel better about American news :)


Naomi does not need Stevo, silly, because Naomi has a khaki uniform and also a lizard for her shoulder. Ergo, like Germaine Greer, she is already a fair dinkum wildlife warrior-gal in her own right, and more than capable of wrestling WaWa to the ground for her own nefarious purposes (which may or may not include dinner). Did you see "Media Watch" last night? (http://www.abc.net.au/mediawatch/transcripts/s1743768.htm) One can only hope Naomi does not go snorkelling near Batt Reef any time soon, attempting to save a certain stingray from certain death so she can spirit it away to an ice-cream shop in Jayapura and film the sad little cartilaginous fishy smiling at last. Love, R xxx


Mez - I don't think any receipe could make Naomi digestible.

Sarah - Ha. Good one S!

Hiss - I hadn't seen Khaki Naomi! What a delight and sooo sincere. Thanks for the media watch link.


Well, as an ex-Charlevillian you're sure to love this, too (because, hey, don't we all?): http://www.abc.net.au/mediawatch/transcripts/s1496226.htm


What a shame the cannibals didn't chow down on her.
Oh thats right. Not enough meat and way too much plastic.


Poor Naomi. She tries to be a serious hard hitting journo, but fails, time after time. Why is that? I mean, she asks questions and is on TV. Surely that's all that's required. Hmm?

Or is there a little thing called journalistic integrity and credibility.


I like my 6 year olds sauteed in butter with scallions.


Oh, Naomi. I really wish that you had gotten lost in the jungle or something. But I bet the jungle wouldn't want you either.

Hey, Phil. I want to hear about the stubbed toe incident. It's the hard hitting (the wall or cupboard or dog) story of the week.

Heh heh.

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