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13 September 2006



I'd hate to have to tell someone they didn't get the job. God, telling the kids they didn't get the part in the movie was bad enough!

Having said that: my good friend worked in HR for a while. She's a complete grammar nazi and LOVED sifting through all the crap. The stories she told about resumes and interviews were priceless.


please tell me you replied in suess speak!! you'd be my hero.


"If only he knew
I acutally do
know poo."

Priceless! I can see how that could get annoying. But look on the bright side...you have plenty of blog fodder now.


You cleaned toilets? Seriously? I cannot see you doing that!


Oh, man. Telling people they didn't cut it is the worst damned thing I've ever had to do. So I feel you.

Then again, one solution I suggest for you is the next time you find yourself in this position, relate to them the first two paragraphs of this entry. They'll be laughing so hard they won't even hear what you say.


Mez - I think that's why most companies say if you don't hear from them, you didn't get the job.

Betty - Alas B, all my best comebacks take two drafts and a spellcheck.

Al - Good point! Wait until I start applying for a new job later this year.

Sarah - Just for you I'll post some of the other odd jobs I've done.

Caf - Part of my current job is talking to high school kids and telling them the need to stay in school or college. The poo features large.


My first ever job at Maccers they asked me to clean the loos. I took one look and said that they'd have to pay me TRIPLE before i would step foot in there again.
Surpisingly they didn't fire me. Ha!

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