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17 January 2007



In 1982, I was a one year old, pooing in my diaper and dragging my blankie everywhere with me. It was yellow.

I just thought you should know that :)


30 cent cocktails? ahahahaha

At Chevron Nightclub (I only went once I swear! It was a club KNOWN for its sleaziness in the 90s) they had $1 spirits. I got thrown out for sitting on the floor (I couldn't feel my legs!) and then I passed out in the gutter outside. Classy.


ps: what do I win? :)


In college we had "Drinking with Lincoln," well drinks for a penny. But the really good stories, the ones where I thought a group of frat boys were homeless men, are from quarter tequila night. Yup. Who knew tequila could make you hallucinate?


Okay. Just for clarification's sake here. A "special" massage in Asia is basically a whore house with the legitimate front of a massage business - but the customers actually go there for sex, right?

So did the club folks give you a silver medal, kick you out, or just look at you with disgust as they went to clean it up? Or did they even know it was you?

Hmmmmm, very interesting post, Phil!


In 1982, I was not even considered, wow, you are really old, hey Phil? :P

P.S #4 is still dodgy :/


Wow, a lot of youngsters posting tonight :)

I had just turned 9 when 'Khan' came out... which probably makes me older than all the commenters except you (unless you started dating at age 8)


A five hook bra? What size jubblies did this girl have???


Sarah - I had a blankie too! It was blue. I didn't bring it on the date.

Mez - You did the 'dead sparrow' in the gutter? Don't you hate being literally legless. Prizes?

Amber - Most massage places were traditional massage that offered extras. But in Jakarta my local watering hole (next to the college) was an actual brothel that had a nice bar.

Jen - Like scotch whiskey, the best description for me is 'finely aged'.

Where is Hissy? I need someone who remembers the Arcadia Hotel, Cloudland and the beergarden at the Broadie!

Chris - Welcome fellow thirtysomething. We have to keep these whippersnappers in line.

Steph - If memory serves correctly it was a B Cup. A very Catholic B Cup.


"I didn't bring it on the date."



How is it possible that you can answer a question without actually giving away the underlying details? *Sigh*

All right, I guess I'll quit being nosy now, haha.

By the way, LOL @ Steph's comment. I have never heard of a five-hooked bra for size B cups. The most I've ever seen was four hooks for a DD, but even now, American manufacturers are getting the clue that us larger chested girls don't want to be bothered with five hundred hooks, especially while getting nekkid. They've come up with "support" in other forms.

Okay, anyway, am I the only one that didn't have a "blankie"? In 1982, I was two years away from being a twinkle in my mother's eye. But when I was little, I did have an imaginary friend named "Mongdomaine." Kinda weird, huh?

All right, I'm done spamming your comments with my retardedness.


I think ALL massages are special, Phil. What exactly are you implying?? ;-)


Jubblies? I'll have to remember that...


I'm actually not THAT big a lush - and I maintain that my drink was spiked (all 10 vodka oranges) but that was the WORST I've ever been. I can't really remember the details but I remember thinking that the gutter looked really nice and comfy and that I was juuust going to lay down for a second.

hehe, I had a blankie too. Was also blue, but had the added bonus of ALSO being a flying blankie. Well, I *knew* it was a flying blankie except that it would never fly when I wanted to show people! But I spent many an hour on one side of the hallway trying to mind control my blankie into flying to the other side.


Sarah - Ok I was 14 in 1982. You can do the math. :)

Amber - You show great interest in whether I've ever paid for sex.

The answer is no. Neither have I traded, contracted, leased, rented or otherwise negotiated for said activities.

I have begged for sex on many an occasional but only in a dating context.

Witty - Make sure you tip your masseuse!

Chris - Steph uses a nicer expression than norks.


Oh wow... I don't think my cheeks have been this red in, well, forever.

I am fascinated by the concept - but sex in general is fascinating to me. And I really couldn't picture you actually paying for it. Sorry, I guess I was just a LIL bit obvious... *cough*

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go stick my head in a bathtub of cold water.


Hee, Amber I kid.

Miss Hiss

What *is* a "special" massage, Phil? Is it one gien by a transsexual? Love, R xxx

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