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18 January 2007



Yea! It's back! I love these! I admit I had to stare at the Jesus picture a couple of times before I got it. Hehe.

This is a hilarious website I have been keeping tabs on. He goes and finds all the American Idol rejects' MySpace pages and then mocks them.




Could it be Kiwis are even more puritanical than American? I've seen racier ads in our more decadent cities and of course, in appopriate magazines... I'm sure the Kiwis have them :)


um... Americans, that is.


ROFL. That last pic is a bloody laugh riot.

You should ask if you can shower with Jennifer Hawkins!


yeah, go on... make the sheep joke! :P


Phil, I absolutely heart you and your wit. Even though some of them I didn't quite get as it seemed more like an "Aussie thing" - I was still laughing at most of them. You crack me up!


That jesus picture is the best thing ever.


Sarah - ooh good link!

Al - thanks mate.

Chris - It was something to do with the sign being near their airport and not giving the right impression to international visitors. Or they don't like rhinos.

Mez - Only if she wears flip flops in the shower. I'd hate to discover she had fungus toes.

CB - What do Kiwis use as an aphrodisiac? Mint Sauce

Amber - :)

Kels - I so much want to find a jesus painting and recreate it.


Phil, thanks for your comment on my blog. I took the post down earlier this morning but it must still be showing up on the internets for some people.

PS Roffled my ass off at this!


Well, New Zealand has no native mammals, maybe they are afraid... :)


Ro - I caught your post last night, didn't leave a comment but this morning had an overwhelming urge to just say hey.

Chris - Ha!

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