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22 May 2007



I was a little disapointed with the finale too Phil. I just thought that the sum of all the episodes leading up to the finale were much greater than the end. But isn't that usually the case? Isn't the journey more important than the destination? I would say that—finale aside—the first season of Heroes was great.

I'm just glad that the episode didn't end with Peter (or Sylar looking like Peter) about to explode when the screen fades to black and the dreaded "To Be Continued..." message appears dooming us to an entire summer of speculation.

At least there was closure, neat and convenient as it was, there was an end.

So now we speculate what will be the center of the story next year. I say Pete's mother finds Sylar and uses him to do very bad things. Also there is the unresolved issue of whomever the little girl can sense and that person can see here too. I think it's Mama Patrelli, but who knows...

I've gone on too long. Once again, welcome back Phil.


You're right Al. The episodes Company Man and Five Years Gone were as good as Joss Whedon or the first season of Lost.

Wanna hear a conspiracy theory? S1 Lost finished with a hatch. S1 Heroes finishes with a manhole cover. Are they linked? Dum dum DA!


I hardly ever watch TV, but Heroes was one show to which I wanted to get the story. I did catch a bunch of episodes, but stopped watching when I got sick of the whole play-6-new-episodes-take-off-for-a-month-or-so-and-then-start-up-again-throwing-in-some-repeats-to-annoy-you-resolving-almost-nothing-in-the-meantime deal. I totally liked (both future and present) Hiro, and was curious to see how the relationship with the two brothers would be resolved. Maybe I'll get it on DVD.


Michael, do yourself a favour and check it out! Heroes first season was amazing. It was like watching an hour-long feature film every week (or at least every week it was on) The production value alone set it apart from other such shows. It had a real feature film feel to it. Whereas a show such as Smallville might only afford one or two special effects per episode, Heroes seemed to break the bank and never held back (especially in the finale). It's also the kind of show that builds on the previous episodes (like 24) so if you miss an episode here or there, you may not be as interested in the story or the characters than if you watched it faithfully. I suspect watching it on DVD will be even better. I downloaded the first 5 episodes and watched them in succession and immediately got hooked. I didn't mind the lapses in between episodes because in the fall, they played 11 straight weeks of new episodes back-to-back, they had to make up for that in the winter and spring.

Once again, I'm rambling...sorry.


How did you do the secret text? (I'm impressed.)


I liked the ending, but I have to say, yours sounds much more interesting! I don't think it's the end for Peter Petrelli, he can regenerate.

I don't know about season 2. I think it might be a huge flashback while they work out the companion show Heroes: Origins.


well thanks for fucking ruining it for me! You know I have no impulse control and would just HAVE to highlight that text!!!!

Lolz, nah, I stopped watching a few weeks ago, I knew it would all go to shit ;)


Gah, Phil! Are you taking a break from blogging? Is it getting old for you? Are you looking at other options for Things To Do With Your Spare Time?

You're missed :(.

Hope all is well and you rejoin our ranks, soon!


Phil, God told me to tell you that for every day you don't blog he's going to kill a puppy. THINK ABOUT THE PUPPIES!!!


oohhhhhhhhhhh kay, I was kidding. I never spoke to God, but that doesn't mean that the puppy thing can't still be arranged. hm.


LMAO! @ Mez.

Yeah, Phil! What Mez said.


Do you not love us anymore? *Snifflez*

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