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20 May 2007


Miss Frou Frou

Welcome back Phil...

Miss Hiss

"Sheep eat grass and poo"? Might a comma clarify this somewhat, Sheepdip? My husband -- raised on a ginormous sheep station in NWQ (but with no funny business like Kiwis get up to OR like that pair in Brokeback Mountain for that matter either, mate -- and just ask Mr Katter if you don't believe me) ate sheep poo by the bucketload when he was a child. In fact, he swears by it as a nutritious, filling and kid-friendly treat. Cheap too, I expect. You could make a killing here with the right marketing! (Oh, glad you're back, too.) Love, R xxx


I've really really missed you Phil. Sheep poop COULD be interesting. Maybe you could be make a sculpture of Anna Nicole Smith from it or something. Of course, then you'd be a media darling and never talk to us again. Anyways, trying to have a life is so over-rated....so just do like I do....make things up. :-)


God, I thought the Secret book/dvd people kidnapped you.

Glad you're back!


Oh. My. God! It's about time you got back, Phil! Boo on you for not even telling anyone you'd be MIA for a while. We were all worried and thought you'd died or gotten married or were laying in a hospital with amnesia or something. Glad to hear you were just playing in sheep poo, haha. So happy you're back, Phil!!! :)


I have faith that you can make sheep poop sound interesting...well, maybe.


Kisses! But only after you wipe away the sheep poo.


I am glad you are still alive, Phil!


Welcome back to the world of blogging Phil. It's been a little less interesting without your contribution.


even sheep poo is interesting coming from you...


Welcome back?


What kind of grass do they eat? Do they ever get constipated? What kinds of weird things gets stuck in their fur? (wool?) I know there're some funny things that they do...

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