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27 June 2007



oh doll. i thought The Secret people abducted you. hope you heal quickly. and avoid glass. xoxo.


You can always count on a gory injury to lure you back to blogging.

Looks painful! Ouch.

But I can't help laughing at the mental image of you running into a glass door hee hee


Oh no! Phil, that really sucks. You better make sure to keep that sucker clean!!


I am so glad to see you back! Do you even know how much people miss you when you do your vanishing acts!?

But hey, on the bright side, I plan on marketing a "Where In The World Is Phil" throughout the blogging community... and making millions. I'll only share the profits if you promise to start updating more regularly, lol :).




JG - I'm on the mend. The lump on my head hurt more than the stitches. Luckily the door was cyclone proof tempered glass.

Jac - Before I jumped up and ran through the door way I consciously said to myself, "It's ok the door is open". Doh.

Amber - I have the glasses but need a jaunty striped cap! Actually I left my laptop at the farm and had to wait for a brother to have a trip to Brisbane to get it back. As much as I like blogging, I'm too lazy to drive four hours just to pick it up.


Jesus Phil, if you wanted to stop blogging you could just just deleted your blog, nicking and artery is a bit attention seeking, no?

Looks painful and icky and I feel faint so I can't scroll back up again. I hope it heals fast!

Miss Frou Frou

Ouch... thats the kind of klutzy, dorky thing that I'd do!

Glad to see you back though...


Jen - I highly recommend the Caloundra A&E. Quick service and the doc had a nice needle technique.

MissFF - About every 5 years I have a trip to the emergency room. None of family are as bad. I seem to have inherited the entire klutz gene.


Mez - double dork with a twist of nerd!


Okay Phil, I'll stop laughing.

In another minute or two :)

Now why were you running with wine glasses? Hot date? Mmm?


Phil, I've got your back man. A similar thing has happened to me before (hasn't it happened to everyone at least once?). Back in my teenaged years when I used to deliver pizza. I buzzed into this apartment building. The lobby had this glass floor-to-ceiling wall—which in hindsight must have just been cleaned—and—not thinking—I walked right into it. No one was in the lobby to witness my humiliating moment and I didn't suffere any injuries, unless you count the bruise to the ego, and if the person who's pizza I was carrying was watching via their lobby-cam they didn't seem to mind the fact that their pies were stuck to the top of the boxes.


Ack! That looks gnarly.

Once I ran through a screen door. Not nearly as harmful as a glass one (to say the least), but ridiculous nonetheless.


Hahaha i wish I could have seen Jen's face when she opened up your blog... at least it wasnt a foot!!! :P

Glad to have you back in the world of the living (?!) dude! Ya missed my party ya big lug!

Hope you're not in too much pain - remember: Chicks dig scars! (apparently) -now you can have that street cred you always wanted :P


Missed ya! Sending over a cyber-kissing of your boo-boo. I'll just have to close my eyes so I don't have to look at that hideous Frankensteinesque thingie!


I've watched my son run into a glass door not once but twice, both times it never broke - thank god!, but it was a very scary thing to watch.

So were you drunk because if I was you. I'd be telling everyone I was drunk when it happened *nods*


I'm guessing you may have had a beverage or two?

Looks like it was mighty sore though.


Sarah - No date unfortunately but still a fun evening.

Al - Hee. Did you still get a tip?

Eve - Does a screen door leave a mesh imprint on your face? Don't worry no doubt I'll discover the answer for myself at some party soon.

Deb - Chicks like scars? I have to start flashing my apendix scar more often. It's a ripper.

Witty - It is a little gross but healing rapidly.

Gena - I only had two glasses of wine so I have to blame generally unco-ness.

LB - Surprisingly my head hurt worse but was unbruised.

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